About Us

Practical General Contracting is a business founded by co owners Carle Bérubé & Maxime Trudel.

Carle Bérubé

Carle has been in the construction business for 30 years, he had a TV show on Rogers 23 called 2×4 with his father Valmont Bérubé. The renovation show was televised for 9 years. Carle also had a career in welding and taught welding at Cité Collegiale, he was also a volunteer firefighter and a fire code inspector for the City of Clarence Rockland and he’s been a house inspector since 2005.

Maxime Trudel

Maxime has been in the renovation business since 2014. He is very passionate about his work and shares a good relationship with his employees. Starting his own interlock business called “Tru Interlock Repair” when he was 18 years old. Now 25 years old, Maxime is now respected for his work throughout the years with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. With hundreds of clients in Ottawa and beyond. Maxime has also studied carpentry at la Cite Collegiale.

Together we have knowledge in every aspect of a home. With our strong team we can do everything from something as simple as a washroom, kitchen, hardwood, basements, painting, home additions, garages, decks, landscaping, interlock and the list goes on and on.
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