Our Company

Started in 2004 by Mr. Vivek Golcha, an alum of IIM-A, who has worked in Sales & Marketing roles across blue chip companies like P&G, Nestle. Within 15 yrs, B G Distributors Pvt. Ltd. has grown 50 times from 20 crores to 1000 crores. During this period, our market presence increased from 2 branches to currently 52 branches in West Bengal. A decade of excellence was recognized by P&G through its awards like P&G GOLDEN LEAGUE 2013, P&G OLYMPICS 2012 among many others.
Currently, B G Distributors Pvt Ltd (BGDPL) is the exclusive business associate for Procter & Gamble in West Bengal & Sikkim. BGDPL is the biggest distribution company in Eastern India with a current turnover of INR 1000 crores and growing at double digits every year.
Our biggest asset is a multifunctional team handling major areas like Human Resources, Systems, Logistics, Finance and Capability. The core team is unchanged since inception of B G Distributors Pvt. Ltd. and the combined experience of more than 100 yrs in FMCG sales & marketing.

What is important is that all of us need to realize the significance of these tenets and imbibe them into our daily routines so that we are able to meet our objectives in a way that we want to. Our Vision Statement tells us where we want to go and what we want to be as an organization.

To be the fastest growing, most efficient and best in class Business Associate for P&G
It’s people and the core values by which they live and work, tapping the India FMCG opportunity.

Our Functionality

Our Values

Our Core Values guide us in the way we want to work and help us practice these values.

  • We are a performance driven organization
  • We commit to and work with clearly stated goals
  • We believe in and respect the capabilities of our people
  • We believe in the power of teamwork
  • We believe in being the trendsetters in every area of our work
  • We believe that means are as important as the end
  • We act like owners in all the areas of our work
  • We always work for the long-term interest of the organization
  • We always work to win
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